Did you know that 25% of women and 10% of men will seek professional help for depression at some time in their lives? Common symptoms of depression are difficulty sleeping and concentrating, poor motivation, and changes in appetite and weight.  If this describes you, don't wait any longer.  Discover what can cause depression and find your way out.

With today's mounting pressures, fast-paced life styles, and an increasing sense of isolation and loneliness, many people find themselves trying to cope with debilitating symptoms of anxiety.  Find support and attain balance in your life as you work through the issues with an experienced therapist.


Challenges in relating to other people is probably the most common reason why people initiate therapy.  Uncover what contributes to and underlies your difficulties in relating and do what you can to resolve them:  "You may not be able to change the other person but you can change yourself so that you can deal more effectively with the challenges".

Loss comes in many forms:  physical disabilities, loss of a significant relationship through death or separation, employment changes.  However, the process of recovery can be quite similar.  Find support and a sense of purpose through this difficult time. 

There are different kinds of abuse whether it be at the hand of a parent or a spouse or even one's child.  You don't have to remain a victim.  Gain clarity and strength to set appropriate boundaries in your life and learn to live free from bondage or oppression.

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions to self and others.  But anger can also be used to bring about important change if understood and used constructively.  Make anger your ally by facing it, understanding it, and resolving it. 


Stress is a leading factor in a host of physical as well as psychological illnesses.  A moderate amount of stress can improve our performance.  But when stress is chronic, unpredictable, and uncontrollable, it becomes debilitating rather than enabling.  Learn how to manage stress so that it does not manage you.